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“Light is the first element of design; without it, there is no color, form, or texture.” – Thomas E. Farin


Many factors separate a moderate outdoor lighting design from one that is truly spectacular. At Beacon, we know that in order to create superior landscape lighting designs consistently, our design team needs to stay at the forefront of the industry. One of the main differences that separate Beacon Outdoor Lighting from other landscape lighting companies in Naples is that we are not here to sell you lighting fixtures. Instead, we employ a “design first” philosophy to create truly unique scenes that connect you with your outdoor living spaces.

in Bonita Springs, Naples, Fort Myers, Estero and Marco Island, Florida

If you have ever searched “best landscape lighting company in Naples”, we know you are searching for excellence, and lucky for you, excellence is our middle name!

Enhance your property with a superior landscape lighting design

We are committed to exceeding all of your expectations.


One of the keys to our success in outdoor lighting design is our design process. We have perfected this process to efficiently and effectively deliver an excellent experience. We strive to ensure your needs, wants and desires are exceeded throughout every design stage.


As the name suggests, this phase is all about discovering what you like, how you live and where we can incorporate lighting to create a spectacular final product. One of our lighting specialists will walk the property with you, intently listening to your wants and desires for your outdoor lighting design. As your landscape lighting designer is listening, he/she will be asking strategic questions to understand your hopes for the project further. We will evaluate your property’s architecture and landscaping to identify unique lighting opportunities that add safety, security, beauty, and increased utility to your home. Also, we will identify the optimal view corridors to maximize your lighting effect. We then process all of this information and create a preliminary design.

Design Development

Once we have far exceeded your expectations developing a creative & functional framework for your lighting design, we move into design development. In this stage, our design team creates the schematics that make the implementation of your lighting system possible. Since we employ a “design first” philosophy, we discuss the fixtures and materials you chose to use at the end. Once all your lighting system components are identified, we will send out your lighting proposal within one business day.

Design Implementation

Once we receive a signed contract and deposit, we head into the implementation stage, the most critical stage of the design process. Many outdoor lighting companies in Naples don’t include the actual installation of their system into their design process, doing a significant disservice to the homeowner. You can rest assured knowing that the same lighting designer assigned to your project in the discovery phase will be supervising the construction of your lighting system, guaranteeing that the original design intent for your lighting system is brought to life

Visual appeal

Accentuate your home’s architectural and landscaping features while creating a stunning ambiance in each outdoor living space.

Extend the outdoor living space

Continue to enjoy your outdoor living spaces at night by creating a welcoming environment illuminated for entertainment and fun.


Illuminate pathways, elevation changes, and steps to minimize trip hazards and create a safe environment for your family and guests.


Studies have shown that a properly illuminated home or business is a deterrent to potential intruders by illuminating entry points and dark spaces.


A beautiful outdoor lighting design incorporates a variety of different lighting types and techniques. Depending on your style and specific lighting needs, we will use a combination of various elements to create a stunning and functional design for your home. Here are ten examples of the types of lighting we use:



We are here to answer all of your outdoor lighting questions. We are committed to excellence in all that we do, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.