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“Light is the first element of design; without it, there is no color, form, or texture.” – Thomas E. Farin


One of the most crucial steps in implementing your outdoor lighting system is the installation of the lighting system itself. Bringing in a professional installation team is paramount to ensure all aspects of your lighting design are meticulously implemented. There are a plethora of things that can be missed and or poorly constructed on a lighting system making it essential to hire a professional installation team for your lighting project. We assign a lighting designer to every lighting project guaranteeing that the original lighting design intent is brought to life from conception to final installation.

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Our lighting installation teams don’t compromise on quality when it comes to installing your lighting system. Properly installed systems save thousands of dollars over the years in maintenance and repairs. We believe our staff’s diligence, quality products we use, and unwavering commitment to excellence in design and installation are what separates us from every other landscape lighting contractor in Naples. We back all of our landscape lighting projects with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and superior warranty coverage. To further ensure complete satisfaction, our professional lighting designers will schedule a night time adjustment to ensure all fixtures illuminate their subjects optimally without any glare.


The number one failure we see with outdoor lighting systems is faulty wire connections. Here at Beacon, we use the highest quality products and techniques to ensure connections that will pass the test of time.


Your typical installation company uses an 8” slot spike to mount fixtures into the ground, which offer minimal adjustability and poor stability. We proudly use 10” Pro aim adjustable mounting spikes maximizing design longevity while allowing for precise fixture adjustments on the job.

Hub System

Many lighting contractors use a daisy chain wiring method when it comes to the installation of your lighting system, which is a process of making connections along the main electrical wire out to each fixture. This may be the fastest way to make connections but is not optimal for system performance and is not conducive to lighting system maintenance and repairs. We employ a centralized hub system wiring method that blows our competition out of the water. All connections are centralized, color-coded, and labeled for fast testing and repairs.

Quality Material

Your lighting system will be enduring the harsh elements of the outdoors from the moment of installation. It is critical that all lighting system components are constructed of copper, brass, and other premium materials. Don’t let another company install mid-grade components on your lighting system that won’t last and cause more headaches down the road.


Below is a list of benefits you will experience when hiring a lighting specialist to install your landscape and outdoor lighting system.



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